frenchy fabulousness + garment racks

charlotte gainsbourg is floating her melodic french vocals our way with a new album, "IRM." i love her music, her, and her bedroom full of garment racks (someday my bedroom will be filled with garment racks. then, perhaps, i'll actually know what i own.). these photos are from an interview she did with flaunt magazine.

what a gorgeous, lovely creature.

image source: refinery29


  1. She is so beautiful. I wish I was a Gainsbourg. IRM is such a lovely album, with perfect parts Beck, herself, and her father Serge included.

    And such handsome parents she has :http://moodboard.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/02/valentine-style-jane-serge.html

  2. sigh, me too. wouldn't life be perfect if we were gainsbourgs?