i dye

i won't lie, i'm loving pastel hair trend. i wouldn't say it's traditionally "me," but when i opened up my whowhatwear this morning i was delighted to see such lovely individuals - whose style i often admire - rocking such different, and subtly bizarre, looks. so then i went through the rest of my fashion-related inbox, and lo and behold - refinery29 was featuring some of the same! fate was clearly nudging me with its sly little hand, so i knew i had to share my new found love with the world.

having jet-black hair, it'd be a lot of work to add pastel hues, but i could jump on board with some "glam strips" if they didn't look fake or creepy. who knows? there may just be some purple, or lime green in my future.

images: whowhatwear, refinery29


  1. I had pink in my hair but had to bleach it out because I was job hunting, it really pisses me off how some people are so uptight. Why can't everyone be fashionable and self expressive?

  2. agreed! and why does a strand of pink hair make you unfit for working? i bet that looked so beautiful in your blonde hair!