lara miller

last night brandon of twentythirtyforty.net and i went to the lara miller fashion show, and it was amazing. she presented a beautifully done knitwear collection (styled like a dream with super-high round-heeled clogs and socks, and gigantic, teased, sonia rykiel-esque hair) that was very transitional. at the end of their walk, most of the looks were reconfigured by the model - transforming dresses into shrugs, short dresses into long - into entirely new looks. all in all, we both loved the collection - i can't wait to see more of her stuff! here's a few pics snapped with the trusty berry (fiiiiiiie on you camera battery). enjoy!

sorry for the bad image quality. that's lara miller after the show - so fab!


  1. I really love Lara Miller, she's soo hot and gorgeous.

    Hope you've got close-up picture to her.

    I'm going to bookmark this blog post.

    kind regards,
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  2. thank you so much! one of my friends is friends with her so we got to chat with her after the show - the pic we took is quite unflattering (of me), so i kept it off ;).

    i wish i could have taken more pictures to do the show justice - everything was amazing!

    thanks so much for reading and commenting!