law and order: steven meisel

although i don't often delve into the personal - i've got to come clean. thanks to my friend kate, and a small business enterprise called netflix, i have developed an unsightly addiction to law and order: svu. at first i scoffed at kate's addiction, but then i discovered that EVERY season is an instant play on netflix and everything just sort of spiraled out of control. it's not even a guilty pleasure anymore. it's a disease.

so, because we should all come clean about what ails us, i'd like to thank steven meisel for "state of emergency" a sept. 2006 editorial from vogue italia that made me instantly think of svu when i saw fashion gone rogue's picture of the day today. as you all probably won't be putting yourself to sleep watching mariska hargitay, as detective olivia benson, fight new york city's most heinous sexual predators...consider this a guilty pleasure.

images: cyanatrendland

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