my silhouette

i want to live in this silhouette.

can you tell i've spent a lot of time looking at blogs today? i have been so overwhelmingly busy with school work and work-work and saving-for-paris work that i've not perused blogs, for sheer enjoyment, in what seems like months. i also got a new computer last wednesday (fiiiiinaaaaaalllllllly!) so in setting up all of my preferences, and re-establishing myself on this glorious new macbook, i've rediscovered some old favorites and have been delightfully inspired. add to that a desire to fantasize about the day in which i'll finally be released as a shut-in (may 13!) and a slight level of insomnia, and you've got yourself some blogger madness.

all that's neither here nor there. i still want to live in this silhouette.

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