is it time for change, or what? i feel like my life consists of schoolwork, the gym, and red wine (the latter two keep me feeling like an actual person when facing the prospect of not leaving my computer for days on end). i am cognizant of the fact that i'll be in paris for three weeks in just over a month, but it's the light at the end of such a long, ruthlessly obstructed tunnel that it barely even functions as a reprieve.

so - vogue australia! featuring meghan collison by benny horne. love the colors, patterns, attention to styling. very much into mixing it up and infiltrating a world with colorful inconsistencies. i love.

*the new header pic is one i've featured before, and is an homage to my desire to leave the interwebs and explore/exist in the world. worry not, though. i plan to voraciously blog from paris, and to post pictures constantly (if i can find my camera charger - eek!).

images: fashion gone rogue

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