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Tonight I saw "Valentino: The Last Emperor," followed by a special Q&A with the director, Matt Tyrnauer, and it was tres tres magnifico. The fashion was beautiful to look at as Valentino is, of course, a genius, but, as the director said, the film is a love story about Valentino and his partner of 45+ years, Giancarlo Giametti. And what a story it is! The two are brilliant together...both possess fanatical exuberance and an unwavering flair for the dramatic. The film is a veritable delight for any fashion lover, and when you have special cameos by the likes of Andrew Leon Talley flipping out about caftans Valentino has made him for his 45th anniversary couture show, and Karl Lagerfeld commenting to Valentino that "compared to us, everyone else makes rags," you're in for a pretty special treat. The man also has six pugs and a head seamstress who matches his sass beat for beat, without batting an eye. Magic.

Take a look at the trailer, if you've not yet seen the film:

There's also a great article on The Cut, an interview with Valentino and Giametti. The way that these two exchange banter is one of the best parts of the film. It's candid comedy over and over and over again, supported by a staunch foundation of love. They reminded me a little of Yves and Pierre...but far less dysfunctional.

In any event, check this film out. It was the director's first foray into film, and it's a definite success.

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