alexis bittar

I loves me some good accessories. Especially bangles. I'm all about a fabulous necklace, but I always feel naked if I don't have something (or many somethings) jangling about my wrists.

I discovered New York jewelry designer Alexis Bittar when he did an interview in this month's W, and I adore his work. He works primarily with lucite and has a super private studio in Brooklyn where he keeps all of the secrets regarding the creation of his amazing accessories to himself.

He says he was drawn to jewelry because he found it "super enchanting." Well, I find both him AND his gems incredibly enchanting. Gaze on friends...love as I do.

Those pieces are a part of his "Miss Havisham" collection, which is my favorite. Not only because I love how structural the pieces are (and all the gold), but also because I have a deep love for Miss Havisham proper...probably more than most people.

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