marc and juergen

there's been a lot of controversy over marc jacob's most current campaign photo, featuring makeup artist dick page and his husband kissing in various scenes throughout manhattan and long island. although juergen and marc have been known to produce provacative imagery and scandalous editorials together, its surprising that of all the nudity and racy photos the pair have put out into the world, that two clothed men, engaged in loving, non-gratuitous activity, causes the greatest uproar, not even allowed to run in vogue.

i cannot wait for the day when the majority of this country gets over their ridiculous homophobia. we're looking at the work of one of the industry's best photographers, best designers and best makeup artists. and that should be quite enough, thank you.

all of this is coinciding with the imminent release of the book "marc jacobs advertising by juergen teller 1998-2009" next week. which will be a whole lotta sinfully perfect eye candy.

check out these brilliant interviews with ny time's "the moment" and index magazine.

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  1. I can't believe they aren't running this in Vogue. Carine would be all up in this shit. Let's move to Europe!