hook a sista up at the mini market

i'm currently really into grey footwear. i own black shoes in every possible style, shape, form, and although i'm wonderful at justifying the purchases i make, after a while it gets a little ridiculous. so my new solution? continue buying fabulous shoes, just make them grey. i've also been more than vocal about my love for the wedge. so i'm sure you can imagine how i felt when i saw these babies from swedish retailer, minimarket:

aren't they gorgeous?

and these, too. cerulean is one of my very favorite colors. as a child, i always though it was pronounced "cer-roo-leen."

i hadn't ever heard of minimarket before, but it's amazing, amazing stuff.

image source: minimarket


  1. I love grey footwear. Positively neutral and gorgey.

  2. I just LOVE the color of the blue ones!

  3. kiki: agreed.

    krysten: i know...i could bathe in that color foreeeeever.