zip it down, now

by 9am this morning, the cut had already posted this fabulous gold marc by marc jacobs zipper necklace (dutifully sent to me by kate, who's much better about our daily blog routine than i) - which i bought for myself for my birthday in november. there's also a multi-colored version that i got for my sister. they're absolutely gorgeous, and as they're priced brilliant at $13 a piece, you really can't go wrong. plus there's every incentive in the world to get one for yourself so that you can match your giftee.

not a bad way to give gifts at all, if i do say so myself.


  1. I'm lusting after the multi-colored one so badly!! I heard you can't buy them online, only in store. Curse Iowa.

  2. can you call a marc store and have it shipped to you? that's a travesty, diane. you DESERVE that necklace.